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Most Popular English Writers/Novelists in India : While the older generation is still producing masterworks in Indian literature, the newer generation of Indian talented writers are focusing on imagination. They are becoming better story tellers with each passing day. Though some of them are getting criticisms from the legends, they are enjoying the positions in top selling charts. As per the latest research, it is understood that the Indian youth is more interested in buying books in categories like Liesure, Health and Body, Personality Development etc. They are not very much concerned at the language being used in the books as long as they are understand what the author is trying to convey.

To write the Best Indian authors list is a little difficult task as everyone has their own tastes and opinions especially if you are a critic. However, below are the top 10 authors in the recent times who have 'influenced' most of the Indian readers (and some of the foreigners) in their own way. You may agree with this list and but might not agree with the order - left to you.

Top 10 Most Influenced Indian English Writers :

Chetan Bhagat :
Hold on! You may raise your eyebrows especially if you are a critic or a literature lover. He surely is not a darling of the critics. This IIM graduate and a former Investment banker in Singapore has created sensation in the book stores by his first novel Five Point Someone in 2004. The book which majorly targeted the youth has got a huge response many times more than expected. Five Point Someone is one of the all time best selling novels in India. His latest novel also has got good response from the reader market.

Chethan Bhagat Books List

Kiran Desai :
Kiran Desai became the only second Indian woman in 2006 to win the Booker Prize. She won the prize for her second novel itself, The Inheritance of Loss. Kiran, who is the daughter of one more top novelist Anita Desai, is very popular in the new generation of writers in India majorly exploring themes of exploitation and globalization in the modern India.

Kiran Desai Books List

Aravind Adiga :
Aravind Adiga, the Time magazine's former journalist is one the latest Indian writer to become a worldwide publishing phenomenon. His book 'The White Tiger' which was published in 2008 helped him in becoming the fourth Indian novelist to win the Man Booker prize. The book has explored the dark situations of the modern India and gave a focus on lot of happenings.

Aravind Adiga Books List

Salman Rushdie :
Salman Rushdie has once dominated the best sellers charts with his wonderful books. He may not be in the best of his now, but still is one of the most admired Indian English writers now. His latest novel 'The Enchantress of Florence' was published in year 2008. 'Midnight’s Children', which was his second novel got many accolades and awards including the Booker of Bookers prize in 1993.

Salman Rushdie Books List

Amit Chaudhuri :
Amit Chaudhuri has a special in the list of Indian writers. He is a successful classical singer perfomed in US, UK and India has released his album titled 'This is Not Fusion'. He is equally popular for his writings. He won numerous awards across the world including the Los Angeles Times book prize for Freedom Song. His novel 'The Immortals' combines his love for literature and music won critical acclaim from various corners.

Amit Chaudhuri Books List

Don't agree with my list? Post your list of "Top 10 Indian English Writers" in the comments section below. Click here to read next list of Top English Writers in India

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