Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Review

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Book Review

Book Name                    :     The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Author                             :     Robin Sharma
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I am working in a top position in an U.S based corporate company from many years. I forgot about the real meaning of happiness and how to live 'effectively'. I slowly forgot my childhood memories, the way I have enjoyed the little and meaningless games in the streets. I started feeling that gadgets gives comfort and happiness. It went well for couple of years but only later could I understand that there is something I am missing in my life. I am spending most of my time in front of my computer fighting to meet the deadlines. Client calls, software issues and status meetings eat most the time. Lunch with colleagues also involves project and political related talks. Everything I need to for the day gets decided before I stepped into the office. I happened to read the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari at such point of time and it has changed my whole perspective of life.

About Author Robin Sharma :
Robin Sharma
did his post graduation in law and is the author of 11 leadership books. Sharma is also the founder of a consultancy - Sharma Leadership International Inc., that helps build leadership qualities in people in organizations.

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Summary of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari :

It is a Fable about Fulfilling your DREAMS and Reaching your DESTINY. This is an interesting book written by Robin Sharma who is internationally acclaimed as the leadership guru. Millions of copies are sold and made his famous in several countries. The book is all about the conversation between two associates. Julian Mantle, who is a very high profile attorney with a number of priorities and a buzzing schedule has his values centered on money, power and prestige. But Julian suffers a massive heart attack. He sells off all his possessions after he realized few important aspects in life. He returns to India as a changed man after being enlightened by the mythical Gurus.

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 The book talks about seven virtues which can help every human being to become an enlightened one. The 7 virtues are : 

  1. Master Your Mind
  2. Follow Your Purpose
  3. Practice Kaizen
  4. Live With Discipline
  5. Respect Your Time
  6. Selflessly Serve Others
  7. Embrace the Present

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari - What I Learnt From It : 
Below are some of the lines that made me think about Life.

- An average 4 year old kid laughs for 300 times per day. But an average adult laughs for just 15 times a day with satisfaction. How many times you are laughing every day?

- Life is all about choices and decisions. Every one of us takes many decisions every day including what time we should brush our teeth and how much time we should take bath. But we hardly take 3-5 major decisions in entire life including what career we should choose, whom to marry etc. What are the key points in taking a decision for you? 

- When the student is ready, the teacher appears automatically. We might want to start a new career or a new business. But we lay back because of different reasons primarily because of mental blocks. Be open to learn. Don't think you don't have any choices. Be open to learn, a mentor will appear for you to guide you the best way.

- It is willpower that holds you when somebody disagrees with you. You will get lot of negatives on your way. Lot of people including your friends won't agree with your decisions. Only your willpower can save you from all those negatives at that point. 

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